Optional System Integration :

1. Realtime Networking Hotel Lock Access System

2. Integrated Access Control Hotel Lock System

3. Smart Card E-Payment Management System

4. Any Relevant Home or Industry Automation System Customization ( Engineer To Order ).

Brankas terbuat dari bahan logam. Produk ini bisa menjadi pilihan Anda untuk menyimpan barang berharga Anda. Dengan bahan logam, brankas ini susah pecah. Kami menyediakan beberapa ukuran untuk kotak brankas semacam ini. Anda dapat memilih yang cocok dengan Anda. Biasanya digunakan untuk hotel, rumah, dan kantor.

  • Accurate and reliable.
  • As the uniqueness of fingerprints and life is basically the same characteristics,
    so that an accurate fingerprint recognition technology and reliable, very safe.
  • Such as conventional plain film, leaving the key to recognition is 1/300, whereas the artificial fingerprint recognition technology, is one hundred thousandths.
  • Two compared to the feasibility of using fingerprint technology to open the door to high accuracy 300 times.
  • A safe box full of high-quality low carbon steel plate, stronger, at the door, the latch door key part of the anti-drilling increases, more secure, safe box surface fine spray, a new panel design, more in line with the times.
  • Safe application of advanced technology of digital circuits, using a high-performance computer chips imports of high intelligence.
  • Digital LCD display, with dual-screen instructions for using this program, is suitable for your finger operation, convenient and easy.
  • LCD liquid crystal surface can show strength, Forget your password or the battery runs out, how? no association could be the key to unlock the emergency.
  • Pressbox one time, durability anti-corrosion surface treatment, box mounting holes can be freely installed in a hidden corner, more humanization design.
  • High loudness alarm, safe and reliable performance and others can be set after safely vibrating alarm.
  • A unique set of anti-pull, interfere with the function of electronic locks, a safe technology leader in the new revolution.
  • For a safe deposit box at the office, home, hotel, restaurant, concierge, indoor guard, and other uses.
  • The following free gifts: battery, power supply standby box, alarm horn
  • Unlocking by Fingerprint, Mechanical backup key.
  • Have Alarm.
  • The alarm will sound when forcing open the safe box.
  • Support 3 people as Safe Box Admin.
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