LC - 008


Optional System Integration :

1. Realtime Networking Hotel Lock Access System

2. Integrated Access Control Hotel Lock System

3. Smart Card E-Payment Management System

4. Any Relevant Home or Industry Automation System Customization ( Engineer To Order ).

Menggunakan kartu untuk membuka pintu. Pintu akan terbuka secara otomatis. Pegangan tidak diperlukan. Anda dapat menggunakan peralatan mekanis untuk membuka pintu bagi keadaan darurat. Perpindahan gigi gabungan untuk memastikan keamanan dan keandalan. Kartu jenis gelang jam dipakai untuk kenyamanan

Voltage: 6V
Battery Use Life: More than 12 Months
Card Type: EM 4100
Static Current: 5UA
Working Current: 200MA
Induction Distance: 20mm
Low Voltage Alarm: 4.8V
Working Temperature: -20 to 50’C
  • you can set to open the door by a single card or double cards as you like
  • A battery: four pcs of 2A 1.5V Alkaline cell
  • Low voltage alarm when below 4.8V
  • If an illegal open door, there is an alarm
  • If open door normally for 60 seconds, there will alarm for you to close the door
  • Has external power source port(audio format)
  • Can start mechanism to open door at normal condition
  • When open the door, the lock auto flick, no need to install catch
  • Combined gears movement to ensure the safety and the reliability
  • Watchband type cards are worn for convenience. it prevents water, humidity, high temperature, tampering, and erosion.
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